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    A New Era Of Me

    I’ve never been a fan of leaving things hanging. Leaving anything left unsaid. Maybe it’s the lack of control when life gets so overwhelmingly busy, and the unorganised Mum brain grasping for whatever is in her power to improve/streamline/compartmentalize (or maybe it’s cause I’m a Gemini with undiagnosed ADHD, lol) Anyway, it’s time for me to properly “pop a pin in it”. I might not be active on my blog anymore, but this little corner of the internet will always be here to stay. It has seen me through my teenage years, university, my first job, my first heartbreak. Travelling, developing my career, marriage, and my beautiful babies. Great loss and great triumphs. Beyond the blog you’ll always likely find me on instagram. And I will fondly visit this online diary for years to come. Maybe I will come back to write one day. Or maybe I will just be a nostalgic visitor coming for a short trip down memory lane. Either way, it’s time to sign off, for now, with the fullest heart and the biggest love for the past, present, and the future. A x

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    2021 so far

    So we’re almost 4 months into 2021 and it’s been much like the last 365 days, hasn’t it? With hope on the horizon,…

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